Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an offerwall ?

An offerwall is an app or website monetization strategy that rewards users for completing specific tasks. Quite literally, a wall of offers is presented to app/website users allowing them to choose their preferred task and, in some cases, the reward of their choice. Although typical for gaming apps, offerwalls can be used across all verticals.

2. How does an offerwall work?

Similar to an in-app mini-store, offerwalls act as a marketplace for users and advertisers. Offerwall ads are typically located in high-traffic locations like an app’s menu or store, or they pop up at an optimal time for a user to make use of the rewards, like when they need a hint or another life. Here are a few examples of actions users can choose:

  • Watch a video
  • Take a survey
  • Complete a level
  • Start a premium trial
  • Level up a subscription
  • Make a purchase
  • Play a branded mini-game
  • Create an account or register a username


3 .The Benefits Of Offerwalls


Offerwalls are a great way to extend the life cycle of your mobile game. They do this by encouraging users to continue playing after they’ve completed all levels or unlocked all content.


Developers can also use them to give the players a taste of the premium experience by offering a limited trial of IAP features. Finally, offering users the ability to interact with ads actively provides an engaging user experience.

3.1/ Seamless Integration With The Gameplay Experience


Offerwalls can increase the effectiveness of your mobile game marketing by letting you integrate ad content with the gameplay in a natural way. Users are more likely to enjoy engaging with an ad when they have a chance to complete easy tasks in exchange for rewards. Offerwalls give advertisers access to high-value users who are interested in interacting with ad content and are incentivized to do so. 


3.2/ Monetize Non-Spenders


Offerwalls give developers a chance to maximize player value by monetizing non-spenders. They are less likely to make an in-app purchase but are likely to interact with the ad in exchange for a valuable reward.


3.3/ Improves User Retention


Offerwalls help developers increase the average session length of users by offering them daily objectives to complete, which keeps them engaged and adds value to their experience with the app. Furthermore, offerwalls can help players stay in the game in exchange for completing an action.